Ha-Biotech Science Park – Hanoi

We are engaged in a joint workshop over several years with the Department of Architecture of Hanoi University of Civil Engineering. The theme of “Urbanisation of Innovation Environments” builds upon our experiences in complex urban environments, and the challenges facing Asia’s rapidly transforming cities, as well as the global trend towards the development of ‘innovation districts’ at the heart of major cities.

The study area, to the west of the city centre, has just been designated for development as the Ha-Biotech Science Park, which will be the largest bio-medical and bio-technology cluster in Vietnam. This involves major investment by external capital, bringing in international expertise, and collaborating with the evolving Vietnamese research and development of bio tech. Hanoi has a strong university research sector and existing medical and agro-chemical research facilities. There is a debate about how best to expand the innovation capacity of the city region.

Students and staff from both schools worked together in three groups on the study area, with the aim of testing the potential for it to become an urbanised part of the developing city fabric rather than an isolated science park. with each group developing a particular agenda and design strategy.