London East Design Workshop

The Lea Valley and the north-east periphery of inner London are undergoing major transformation. With the Olympic Games site now starting its redevelopment as a new urban area, and with major political pressures to further develop what is one of the largest under-developed parts of the city, directing initiatives through strategic spatial thinking will be important.  This is an inner periphery which, for many reasons, has been developed in a piecemeal way over the past 60 years, and makes very poor use of the potential of the area either in terms of location, connectivity, or spatial opportunity.  It is both central and marginal; both developed (with quite large interventions) and undeveloped as an effective contribution to the needs of London.

This work aims to relate the potential of the area in spatial terms, to the agenda or urban change for London which covers economic and social aspirations as well as physical interventions on transport infrastructure, work spaces, living spaces, and public realm.  London needs to re-position itself in relation to competitive cities in the Knowledge Economy.  How might this area contribute to that?