Dissertation Titles 2005/2006

Renata Bertol Domingues
(IN)coherent Cities

Juan Oriol Busquets Vila
The Structure of the Built Environment

Nick Ceulemans
An architect’s apology – perimeters, boundaries and borders

Li-Chun Chang
The Conceivable Ambiguity

Aida Esteban Millat
One Multiple Logic: spatial strategies for designing connections in the urban landscape

Abraham David Jimenez Ovando

Slip and Fall

Yee Tak Lau

Riding the Rapids with Characters

Chang Min Lee
Slow Growth as an Urban Development Strategy

Julissa Temish Lopez-Hodoyan
Libraries – unaltered mission in a world of change: a place and a tool

Jing Lu
Alternatives in Waterfront Remaking

Aristeidis Makris
The Reality of the Greek Islands

Fernando Poucell Mier y Teran
Customization and mixed use in Mexican social housing

Luis Daniel Salazar Machado
A Rational Agenda for Guadalajara’s Urban Change

Marco Amilcar Sanchez Castro
Diagrams: domesticity

Sophia Tseliou
The Urban Area in the American and European Architectural Discourse

Daniela Patricia Uribe Saieg
Learning from the Informal City: searching for a solution

Tiberio Wallentin Gonzalez
From Vecindaes to self-help housing: the case of Mexico City

Jeremy Zuidema
From Event to event: spatial translation of exhibition space to social space on the urban waterfront