Dissertation Titles 2006-2007

Fatima Bouabdillah
The potential of thickened ground
Fang Fang
The relevance of the urban street in contemporary city planning
Lina Maria Fawcett
Fields of DeFormation – tracing critical boundaries in architectural practice
Ashish Gupta
Mega-events & Urban transformation of cities. Barcelona 1992 and New Delhi 2010
Stephanie Marie Hurst
Politics of Representation: painting, photograph and moving image
Konstantin Kastrissianakis
From Space of Division to Centrality – a study of the line and three cities
Young Seok Lee
Speculation on Vertical Living Environments in London
Carolina Lopez Ramos
The Materialisation of Informality – reconceptualising Bernard Tschumi
Antje Lueddecke
The (Rightful) Heirs of Context. Berlin – diagram lives or the gap in architecture
Adrienne Mathews
Innovative Regeneration: urbanized innovation environments and urban regeneration
Laura Mazzeo
The Ile-de-France-Region – towards a metropolitan authority for the Paris asgglomeration
Bosmat Sfadia
Lines of Integrity – critical reflections on seafront contemporary challenges
Emad Sleiby
Lives of grids. The emergence of a district in Hackney
Christine Wahyu Ningrum
Hackney: Strategy for an Urban Disjunction
Kuo Wang
Superblock in Shanghai
Kai-Yi Wang
The influence of science parks on urban structures and urban development processes