Dissertation Titles 2007-2008

Hussam Chakouf
Urban guidelines: the necessity of mixed-use in creating a more sustainable city.

Valia Georgiadi
The role of universities in the making of cities. Urbanising innovation.

Vasiliki Geropanta
The residential component as an incubator for urban change in Science Parks.

Jee Yeon Ha
Waterfront, from space to place. The Han River urban regeneration in Seoul.

Ling Ha
Size and Scale: multi-scale thinking on housing estates in Shanghai and London.

Camila Hirota
Housing Policies in Sao Paulo city’s urban fabric.

Marianna Karapetyan
Graphic reasoning in large-scale urbanism.

Nimit Killawala
Urban spatial fragmentation. The case of Dharavi redevelopment in Mumbai.

Nuria Alvarez Lombardero
Active urban borderlands.

Mariana Malufe
Architecture and mobility: Euston Road and London’s spatial planning.

Sabrina Puddu
Strategies of intensification: workspace and the 3D neighbourhood.

Wen Tao
Urban mass and interaction. Hyper-density of connectivity, mix and building volume.

Seung Ho Yeo
Towards sustainable urban living. The process of housing development in South Korea.

Francesco Zuddas
The civic university. Examining strategies for a ‘city of learning’.