Dissertation Titles 2008-2009

Sagar Ambadekar         
From Silicon Valley to Silicon City

Eleonora Antoniadou     
Regionalism in Development Policy – The case of the Aegean

Rodrigo Otavio Lima Azevedo
The Memory-Makers City

Katarzyna Kaja Ciechanows
The Felt Volume: informal hyper-growth

Vishal Deshpande
Transforming Economies: urban restructuring of Mumbai

Eirini Douma            
Working with the City’s Edge

Franca Francescucci     
Figures of Mobility: rules and codes of street architecture

Pierre-Yves Graffe      
Productive Marginality

Vimal Hansraj           
Retrofitting: Urban-Transport Nexus

Supakorn Komesmalai     
Void as a Strategy for the Productive City

Nefeli Kyrkitsou        
Typology and Program in the Contemporary Urban Context

Ju Young Lee            
Urban Regeneration of Public Space Based on Squares

Cynthia Sampaio de Couto Melo
Campus + Periphery: spatial strategies for industrial areas

Prama Milyardi          
Vector-based organization for irregularity

Nakul Rege              
Re-Thinking the Role of the City Center in a High-Productivity Economy: The Case of Pune

María Paula Sáenz
Recipes for Peripheral Nodality

Ryota Sakai             
Towards an aging society: studies for urban living in Japan

Anna Shapiro            
Project Driven Straregies for Industrial Periphery

Eleni Skorda            
Metapolis & Mutations of the Contemporary City

Veena Takle             
Lines + Planes + Urbanism

Alena Ulasava           
Tranformative Principles of Mono-functional Environments

Bethan Llewellyn Yen
Megaform as spatial strategy

Ghia Zaatari            
Re-conceptualising mass housing at a community scale