MA Dissertation Titles 2009-2010

Zainab Alireza
Global Migration and the Need for New Tools of Urbanism: A Study of Al-Ruwais District

Malay Deshmukh
Spatial Strategy Addressing Urban Poverty in Dharavi, Mumbai

Daniela Djourkova
Can Transport Become Integral to Urbanism and Urban Planning?

Vanessa Espaillat Bonnelly
A New Generation of Planning Practices and Design Methodologies for Sustainable Urban Development

Denny Husin
Networking Universities: a strategy for urbanising inner-city universities

Chalita Karwattanagul
Bigness vs Typology formations: testing urban strategy for a peripheral innovation district

 Bhavana Kumar
The Architecture of Civic-ness

 Nicola La Noce
Towards the Contemporary Periphery: spatial strategies for peripheral areas in mid-sized European cities

Efthalia Lestou
Lost Spaces: a strategic network to recapture public realm

Shan Li
The ‘University City’ in a City

Yanping Liang
Urbanised Innovation Environment in Silicon Valley

Sarah Nicole Daniel Melsens
The Associationalist Civic Landscape: spatial and sociopolitical dynamics

Jong In Park
New Types of Urban Residential Block for a Self-Sufficient City

Mariia Pashenko
Rethinking of Industrial Areas through Reconfiguration of the Type

Dung Phan
The Role of Master-plans in Contemporary Urban Development: the case of Hanoi, Vietnam

Jerome Picard
Drivers of Urbanisation in Innovation Environments

Bekim Ramku
Rethinking the Lakrishta District: new tools and typology for central Prishtina

Bayu Yudha Nurega Riyadi
From the Periphery to the Centre: reconsidering the logic of superblocks in intensifying peripheral environments

Ankita Agrawal Sardana
Adaptable Urban Fabrics

Kalliopi Elina Tsiota
Urban Regeneration and the Creative Industries

Denise Silveira Vilela
Approaching Informality through Space: mat-buildings and the aesthetics of the Favelas

Joo Kyong Woo
The Placemaking Strategies of Corporate Headquarters