MA Dissertation Titles 2010-2011

Nii An
Resilience and Prosperity. Towards Reconstruction of the Tohoku Region In Japan

Marianela Benita Castro De La Borda
The Analytical Moment of Informal Housing.

Florian Dirschedl
Performing the Periphery. Public Life in the Dispersed City

Courtney Erwin
The Potential of Agriculture in the City: rethinking distribution as an urban spatial strategy

Angela Jeng
Cities in Search of Creativity: creative milieu as a generator for urbanity.

Yaniv Lenman
Risk Management Strategies for Large-scale Urban Development Projects

Yulia Malysheva
Architecture as a Discursive Practice. Three examples of its ambiguous and multiscalar character

Chantal Martinelli
The Civic Factory In The Workspace Neighbourhood

Aida Mofakham
Border Conditions as Hybrid Space. Rethinking infrastructural layers as urban borders

Nurit Moscovici
Pathological Infrastructures. Strategies for urban transformations

Gaurang Nabar
Resolving the Informal: strategies for scaling-up and intergration with the city. The case of Dharavi, Mumbai

Anagha Patil
The Relevance of ‘Compact City’ Concepts To The Developing Countries

Philipp Stumhofer
Visuality in Urbanism: branding the urban image

Pornpan Thaveelertnithi
Infrastructure as a Driver for New Centralities. New approaches towards infrastructure for urban integration in Bangkok

William Wehbe
True Places of Exchange in Divided Cities: the case of  post-war Beirut

Olga Yatsyuk
To Learn a City Through Transformation – To Transform a City Through Space

MArch Design Thesis Titles 2010-2012

Husna Ahmed
Elastic Territories: collaborative spatial practice in divided cities

Olivia Fontanetti
Spill: An Urban Policy. Intensifying saturated gridded cities

Mithila Satam
Urban University – Rethinking the performace of the campus in the city

Lucie Senesiova
Tissue of Voids: collective spaces driving industry-led development.