MA Dissertation Titles 2011-2012

Melissa Abou Karam
Conflicts & urbanization in divided cities: the case of Beirut

Monica Arzoz Canalizo
Architecture as a frame of identities: large-scale affordable housing developments in Mexico

Emilie Bechet
Movement and polyphony

Mariana Cardenal Alonso-Allende
Design plus necessity vs urbanism and quality

Devika Deshmukh
Urban informality and transformations: redevelopment in the historic centre of Pune

Supriya Gandhi
Re-positioning housing design within urban policies

Maria Lambeth Vicent
Typological reasoning for Chilean urban paradigms

Juan Lopez Hechem
Intra-urban dividing lines

Miqdad Mahadwala
Polycentricity and the peripheral grid

Hemalatha Mallabadi Channabasappa
Negotiating rules: adaptive models in mediating the process of physical planning

Enrique Mascort del Pozo
A strategy for reactivating urban peripheries

Carlos Nunez Davila
Systemic revitalization

Lea Olsson
The Third Age and the city: spatial strategies for recycling the young-old

Elena Ozherelyeva
The role of social housing in an innovative working and living environment

Ajinkya Pawar
Re-thinking the potential of primary elements

Ruozhu Tang
Revitalization through preservation

Kanaka Thakker
Waterfront development and social disconnection

MArch Design Thesis Titles 2011-2013

John Foust
Exploring the concept of a knowledge neighbourhood

Katsushi Goto
The potential of a knowledge neighbourhood

Anne Hanrahan
Leisure spaces as transforming elements  of  innovation districts

Yukyeong Je
Station district as a productive node:  the initiation of a large plan in fast growing cities

Bhushan Joshi
Informality as a method: productive dialog for rapid growing economies

Sidharth Malik
Informality as a method: productive dialog for rapid growing Economies

Shawn Meyers
Patio: the structuring potential of urban collective space

Juliana Ribeiro
Informality as a method

Jorge Sanchez Herrera
Movement and inhabitation: exploring the urban structuring potential of the patio

Sheeba Shetty
New urban neighbourhoods

Anke Wetzel
Exploring the concept of the knowledge neighbourhood

Mabel Zertuche
Urban transition: shifting domestic typologies

Sepehr Zhand
Informality as a method: productive dialog for rapid growing economies